Yadkin Pee Dee River Trail Association

Preserving North Carolina Rivers

River history

Examples: The Yadkin Basin is full of history, from Daniel Boone's hunting grounds along the Yadkin shore to the place where Tom Dooley was buried after his hanging in 1868.  And there are tales of Indians, lots of Indians.  The Yadkin-Pee Dee River Valley is believed to be the site of a major Indian settlement.  Some signs of those early settlers remain in large, V-shaped fish traps that face downstream and can be seen where the river is low (located below Huntsville and Hwy 64 access area).

White settlers, who followed the Indians, also used the Yadkin for travel and trade in the early 1700's.  Although some sections of its muddy waters churn and trip, the Yadkin is basically a lazy river that meanders along its course and belies its history as a strong trading route.  This pastoral, scenic river is one the whole family can enjoy.